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Official Gazette shocks Aquino believers


Nang magpost kahapon, September 11, ang Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines tungkol sa 99th Birthday ni dating Pangulong Ferdinand E. Marcos, maraming nag-react na mga likers o subscribers ng naturang Facebook Page dahil sa caption ng photo.  Ito ang original na caption bago pinalitan:

“Celebrating his 99th birthdate, Ferdinand Marcos started his political career in 1949 as Representative of the Second District of Ilocos Norte, 10 years thereafter, Marcos was able to secure a seat as a member of the Philippine Senate in 1959 and was elected Senate President in 1963.  Ferdinand Marcos became the 10th President of the Republic of the Philippines in 1966.

Marcos was the first post-independence president to be re-elected in 1969.  In 1972, he declared Martial Law to suppress a communist insurgency and secessionism in Mindanao.

In 1986, Marcos stepped down from the presidency to avoid bloodshed during the uprising that came to be known as “People Power”.


Ito ay ikinagulat at ikinagalit ng mga subscribers/likers ng page at binansagan pa na “revisionist” ang admin ng Official Gazette.  Ilang oras nakalipas ay binago rin ang caption ng admin at nagbigay ng mensahe:

The Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines is the repository of government documents as stated by law.
We are not in the business of revising history. We only convey what is documented in the official records.
We continually update materials to keep them as historically accurate as possible.
The Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines is devoid of any political color and affiliations.
Ramon L. Cualoping III
Assistant Secretary
Presidential Communications Operations Office



Tiningnan ng Boss Ng Pilipinas (BNP) ang mga old posts ng Official Gazette sa panahon ng Aquino Government, makikita natin na puro negative ang captions nila pagtungkol sa kay Marcos.  May hashtag pa itong #NeverAgain pero walang masyadong nagreact sa mga subscribers/likers ng page.

Tiningnan din ng BNP kung sino ang mga 1,162,046 subscribers/likers ng page at nalaman na karamihan ay mga Aquino believers kasi 2010-2016 ay hawak pa ng Aquino Admin ang page ng Official Gazette.  Nasanay na kasi ang mga subscribers/likers sa mga anti-Marcos posts, kaya noong lumabas ang pro-Marcos posts na nagsasabi ng totoo, ito ay ikinagulat ng mga Aquino believers.

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  • rikiG

    Ric Galman Chief Operations Officer (COO) at 7107 Express Corp.
    Three things you cannot hide in this world the sun, the moon and the thruth. The thruth will come out in due season of time that the aquino is the real enemy of the state and serving only to the rich and olig they don’t care about the poor pilipino’s. What they did is paying people to rally for them. Curse be upon them ( the yellowturds) they will reap what they saw. Nagtanim sila ng hangin bagyo ang aanihin nila. God bless the Philippines and the Pilipino people (i mean the real pilipino people).

Let the Filipinos know.