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3 Reasons Why Leni Robredo Deserves to be impeached


A netizen sent us his opinion on why Leni Robrebo should be impeached.  Read and Share if you agree of his analysis.

1.  The figure cited by Robredo (7000 EJK) used in her message to UN Commission on Narcotics Drugs is big blatant lie. The VP damaged the country’s image citing a false, grossly inaccurate and bloated figure where she conveniently added the more than 4000 numbers of death under investigation to what she called “EJK.”

2. Second, Robredo falsely described “Palit Ulo” an intelligence strategy of the PNP where she falsely claimed that authorities would take a family member instead in case the original person on the drug list cannot be found. This is again a blatant lie, the “Palit Ulo” strategy is a way to seek assistance from the drug personalities to squeal on a bigger fish in exchange of getting lighter charges.

3. Third, she claimed that the people were hopeless and helpless when in fact recent surveys proved that people are highly supportive on the government’s campaign against crime and illegal drugs. Truth be told, Duterte enjoys the highest satisfaction rating while the revesed can be said about Robredo whose legitimacy as vice president is now being questioned. The PET recently found probable cause to hear Marcos’ electoral protest against Robredo.

Because of her irresponsible and false statements maligning not only the national police, the president but the country and the Filipinos as well, the country is bound to lose billions of financial assistance and potential investments. With all these cited, that should be enough reason to file an impeachment case against Leni Robredo for betraying public trust and for economic sabotage.

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